UX/UI Design


A learning management platform designed for primary and secondary schools.

What I did

UX/UI Design for Home, Chat and Tutoring of students’ web portal.


Adobe Xd


09/2020 - 11/2020

The Challenge

Chat is persistent across the website. Students are able to connect with teachers and classmates.

  • Students can speak to Teachers, & Tutors who’s classes they are enrolled in.

Lyyrns uses students’ grades to determine where a student needs help in the most. Schools offer a set amount of tutor time to students, which they can then use to book sessions with tutors or professors.
Each session contains 1-10 people, can be handled over video chat.

  • Students can allocate available hours to a tutors time slot.
  • Students can rewatch tutorial session.
  • Students can chat with tutor during session.
Final Design
Chat Easily

Students can easily connect with their teachers and classmates in Chat, they can search contacts, chat with anyone, move or hide the chat box so that it won’t cover any information they need to read when chatting.

Book a Tutoring Easily

Tutoring recommends available tutoring sessions for students based on their grades. Students are also able to select a session on their own needs.
The session they selected shows directly on the calendar, which helps students check their schedule synchoronously.

Overview Your Sessions

All the booked sessions are shown on the right, including ongoing session, upcoming sessions and past sessions.
Students can preview the live session before they enter. For past sessions, they can enter to rewatch the recording videos.

Take the Session

In the session page, students are able to participate in the live video, check the agenda and the overview of this session, join the group chat, receive and send files.

Minimize the session

If students need to read other pages during the session, they can minimize the session. This will not quit the session, instead the session will be floating on any other pages of Lyyrns.

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